Lower Taxes & Fiscal Responsibility 

“Since her first election to the House of Representatives, Sharon Cooper has remained steadfastly committed to fighting for East Cobb’s hard-working taxpayers. While states around the country grapple with revenue shortfalls, Sharon has fought for conservative budgets that focus on long-term security rather than short-term gain. As a result of her efforts, Georgia now boasts a “Rainy Day” fund of over $2.5 billion as well as a coveted ‘AAA’ bond rating!

During the 2018 Session, Sharon was proud to support House Bill 918, which provided the first significant tax reform in Georgia in decades. This landmark legislation reduced Georgia’s individual income tax for the first time since 1937, lowered the corporate tax rate for the first time since 1969, and doubled the standard deduction. As of result, Georgia taxpayers will save an estimated $5 billion over the next five years!”

Health Care 

“As Chairwoman of the House Health and Human Services Committee, Sharon Cooper has fought to improve health outcomes, increase access to care, and protect Georgia’s most vulnerable populations. As a former nurse, Chairwoman Cooper is uniquely qualified to lead this committee that works to promote the health of all Georgians. Her leadership has led to the passage of a number of landmark pieces of legislation:

  • The 911 Medical Amnesty Bill: In 2014, Sharon carried HB 965, which provided immunity for individuals who, in good faith, seek medical assistance for either themselves or another person believed to be experiencing a drug overdose. This legislation provided the protection necessary to ensure that individuals engaging in drug use are protected from prosecution should they seek to assist another who has overdosed. Sharon’s efforts have given Georgians suffering from addiction a second chance at life!
  • Margie’s Law: In 2019, Sharon the led the effort to pass HB 62, known as Margie’s Law, which  requires health care facilities that conduct mammogram screenings to notify a patient if they are found to have dense breast tissue. This bill recognizes the fact that men and women with dense breast tissue are four to six times more likely to develop breast cancer and should be empowered to work with their health care providers to better prevent and fight this dangerous disease.
  • Step Therapy: Given her nursing background, Sharon has fought to empower patients to have access to life-saving treatments. In 2019, Sharon passed HB 63, which ensures patients can access the right medications when their doctors prescribe them – not when the insurance company wants to pay for them!
  • Preventing Elder Abuse: During her time in the legislature, Sharon has worked relentlessly to protect Georgia’s elderly population from abuse. In 2018, Sharon sponsored HB 635, which empowered district attorneys to establish Adult Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation Multidisciplinary Teams in order to coordinate the investigation of suspected abuse and neglect of the disabled and elderly. Sharon has also co-sponsored numerous bills that have increased penalties for those convicted of elder abuse and provided additional checks on individuals charged with caring for our seniors.
  • Maternal Mortality: Over her legislative career, Sharon has made supporting Georgia’s new mothers and babies one of her top priorities! During the 2019 session, she helped sponsor HR 589, which created the House Study Committee on Maternal Mortality to analyze and identify the deficiencies within our state’s maternal health infrastructure. A major focus will be the identification of barriers that keep expectant mothers who qualify for assistance from participating in the programs offered. Working closely with the new commissioner of public health, this committee will assist in improving the safety and well-being of expectant mothers across our state. 

Economy & Jobs 

“In everything she does, Sharon seeks to advocate for policy that will continue to make Georgia the #1 state in which to do business! Like many in her district, Sharon remembers the effects of the Great Recession: unemployment in Georgia reached a staggering 10.4% and businesses and families struggled to stay afloat. Thanks to the pragmatic efforts of Sharon and her colleagues, Georgia now stands as a beacon of economic opportunity! Since 2011, Georgia has seen the creation of well over 700,000 new private-sector jobs and enjoys an unemployment rate of just 3.9%.  

Sharon’s commitment to low taxes, less regulation, and fiscal conservatism are anchored by the goal of creating a Georgia where families can thrive, businesses can grow, and everyone has the opportunity to succeed!”

Transportation Infrastructure 

“In 2015, Georgia made history. In the face of uncertain transportation funding from Washington, Sharon Cooper and her Republican colleagues stepped up to take control of our state’s infrastructure destiny by passing HB 170, an aggressive, groundbreaking initiative that provides our state with over $10 billion in state transportation funding over 10 years. This effort ensures hard-working Georgians will spend less time in traffic and more time with their families. 

In addition, in 2018, Sharon supported the passage of HB 930, which created the Atlanta-region Transit Link Authority (the ‘ATL’): a new structure for coordinating and integrating transit planning across the 13-county Metro Atlanta region. This legislation will to improve the coordination, integration and efficiency of transit in the Atlanta region in an effort to provide mobility options for metro Atlanta’s commuters.”

Education & School Security 

“Sharon believes, wholeheartedly, that every Georgia child deserves a quality education – regardless of their zip code or station in life. East Cobb is blessed with some of the best public schools in our state, and Sharon is working to ensure that all Georgia children have the opportunity to succeed and chase their very own American dream! 

In 2018, Sharon and her fellow Republicans were able to completely eliminate austerity reductions and fully fund Georgia’s K-12 education formula for the first time ever! Taken together, more than $1.14 billion has been restored to school systems since 2015. Further, in 2019, Sharon supported the single largest pay increase ever for Georgia’s teachers and certified education personnel. Beginning July 1, 2019, Georgia’s teachers will receive a $3,000 raise for their dedicated efforts. 

In addition, Sharon has advocated for additional measures to protect our students from school violence. Since 2018, Georgia has dedicated nearly $86 million to school security improvements at public schools across our state. In addition, Sharon and her Republican colleagues bolstered funding for the Georgia Apex program, which provides support counselors in high schools for students suffering from mental health issues. This program currently serves more than 17,000 students in 418 schools.”